weaving inspiration, locale and materials

Over the last year moving to Iceland and my Mom learning how to spin wool have really influenced my weaving aesthetic.


At the core of everything I make is my love for natural materials.  When I was an undergrad at SAIC in Chicago and studying fiber I started to really think about the quality of materials that I was using and the quality of the peoples lives who produce those materials. Nothing makes you appreciate the amount of labor that goes into a simple garment than spending hours on a loom and then hours at a sewing machine. It’s a craft that I love but, it is most definitely labor intensive. The fashion industry is one of the most toxic to our environment and creates a bewildering amount of waste.


With this is consideration slow fashion and making has become a passion of mine. I get giddy over 100% cottons, linens and nubby silks. So when my Mom started spinning completely sustainable, responsibly sourced wool I was really excited about weaving it up into a tapestry!