art appreciation: pansy

California based intimates company, Pansy, goes way beyond the basic requirements to create a fantastic panty set. Comfortable, stylish, utilitarian in design, and ethically made. All materials are sourced in the USA and sewn in California. The beautiful array of colors are all achieved using non-toxic dyes. 

There is more to appreciate than just the quality of these puppies. They create seriously dreamy styling and scenography in their documentation. I’m loving this pastoral shoot that they did. I see the model interacting with farm animals illustrating their concern for the life cycle of these gorgeous garments. And those sheep are adorable! Life goal by the end of 2018 I want a set in at least five different colors.


all photos from pansy

thoughts on shelter

I have been thinking about shelters a lot lately. I’ve been moving now for pretty much a year. It’s crazy! I am ready to put some roots down and make a place feel like my own. When I lived in Chicago and had a steady apartment, I loved to style it, and I had a pretty impressive collection of objects. Each one had a sentimental story behind how it came to be mine. One of the downsides of moving abroad is that you have to pack up your entire life, put it in storage and make the gamble that you will find a place that feels like home to you again.


One of the objects I have been missing is my beach shelter. I used to love going to the beach on Lake Michigan. My friend, other Sarah (all women named Sarah have multiple friends with the same name and refer to them as other Sarah :), and I am very pale and need shelter from the sun. So I set out to make us a tent that is attractive, easy to assemble and I wanted the surrounding nature to be part of its construction. After all, we go to the beach to have a relaxing afternoon to cool off and watch the horizon.


On the bright side moving abroad can be a fun adventure. I can easily make a new shelter, and it will be perfect for a beach day on the North Sea.


Photos by Emily Henson